Throughout history, BFGoodrich® has left its mark with 138 years of production. In 1927, Charles Lindbergh shocked the world by flying nonstop from New York to Paris. With BFGoodrich® Tires, Lindbergh successfully landed in Paris as the first man to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Ten years following the landing, BFGoodrich® scientists discovered a brand new way to produce synthetic rubber. This achievement helped aid the United States in World War II, after the supply of rubber was cut off. In 1961, NASA requested BFGoodrich® to design a material that would protect astronauts, and BFGoodrich® was successful.

BFGoodrich® continues to innovate the tire world in the twenty-first century. The most recent tires in the BFGoodrich® production line are the Advantage T/A and G-Force Super Sport A/S (H & V). Advantage T/A is a passenger and sports car tire that is perfect for all-season driving. This tire was developed for excellent traction in wet and dry conditions, using an interlocking sipe design called g-Grip, which maximizes grip in all weather conditions. This g-Grip interlocking sipe design provides great traction and amazing responsive handling. The Advantage T/A has an authentic go-fast look, with quality guaranteed by a 60,000 mile warranty.

Advantage T/A Tire

Offers an upgraded grip and a smooth, long-lasting ride for an awesome everyday drive.


  • Strong, limited tread life warranty.
  • New g-Grip™ interlocking sipe technology and an all-season tread compound.
  • Deep, wide circumferential grooves.
  • ETEC System™ (Equal TEnsion Containment System) filament reinforcement.
  • g-Wedge™ sidewall stabilizer (H/V series only) and rigid shoulder blocks.
  • Non-directional tread pattern.
  • Signature aesthetics.


  • Experience real driving excitement for up to 75,000 miles.*
  • Provide excellent all-weather bite and responsive handling that enthusiasts demand.
  • Designed to provide maximum water evacuation.
  • Provides excellent strength and maintains maximum tread contact, even in high-speed** conditions.
  • Reinforcement where it counts for a comfortable ride and crisp handling.
  • Offers ease of maintenance and increased tread life.
  • BFGoodrich racing heritage puts performance into everyday driving with authentic go-fast looks.

* 75,000 mile warranty for T-speed rated sizes, 60,000 mile warranty for H/V rated sizes - see warranty for details.
** Exceeding the safe legal speed limit is neither recommended nor endorsed.

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